My name is Cris Ramos. When I was in sixth grade, 3 inches shorter than all the girls who had prematurely sprouted in my grade, I sat in class daydreaming of stories. While my peers were interested in pop music and kissing, I quietly made up movies in my head writing them down on paper with a Badtz Maru pencil (my San Rio spirit animal). I haven’t stopped telling stories since.

There’s nothing better to me than a good story with a payoff, whether it be a solid life lesson or a well-played joke. We should never underestimate the healing powers of well executed wit.

And that’s the type of writing I do: non-fiction essays and short story fiction based on my experiences–– with the ultimate goal of feeling that we’re not alone. We all do the same stupid shit and we all rise above despite it. Life always comes full circle.


Creating is one of the most human things we can do. We are all creative and have some type of art living inside us begging to express itself through our talents. These are my truths that have helped immensely in the process of accepting who I am and loving that person unconditionally. It is these lessons that have helped me become a better writer because I am a more honest writer.

If you’re into story telling, learning about yourself, honing your creative craft, things that go on in your twenties, wine, traveling, culture and the arts: stick around, grab your beverage of choice and connect with me.

Wanna have a writing jam or some wine? Hit me up! I believe in like-minded souls sticking together. I have met some of my favorite people by fangirling them online. No joke.