Life and culture in Florida & Spain

We pair every article with wine.


Two places

European country and island-like state. 

The regionality of Florida and Spain are two distinct ....

Every article comes with a recommendation for a bottle of wine. You are very welcome.


“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.”

— ernest hemmingway


A wine pairing with every read.


Hemingway, who famously lived in Key West, Florida and wrote affectionately about his experiences in Spain, also aptly said,:"Write drunk, edit sober."  We promise to do so here.

The concepts we share have a terroir in much the same way bottle of wine does.

The environmental conditions, the soil and climate, that give wine its unique flavor and aroma are much the same as the ideas, beliefs and experiences we have in life. Sometimes, you have a good year that you look back on fondly and other times, the rain season spoils the grapes. It all leads to the person we become.