stories for travelers seeking wisdom.

Lessons of a nomad who asks questions and takes notes, occasionally over a beer.

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What: A Living Notebook of Stories & Lessons from Travelings. 

We will cook, we will walk, we will travel and drink wine while exploring the cultures of these two special places. And all the time we will be keeping a notebook in hand. 

Writing and drinking is a powerful way to make the most of travel, or even a quiet night at home. It is a way to stay in the moment, to absorb and let your ideas flow without inhibition. Call it mindfulness, creative brainstorming, therapy or just messing around, but it feels good to savor a glass of wine and let our imagination run wild. We will not focus on the result but the process, because it doesn't matter how any specific idea turns out. 

When we follow our curiosity, we effectively place ourselves in the right circumstances to receive the instruction, information and opportunities we need. The end goal may morph into a different thing entirely, but it will be impossible to arrive at that exact point without first investing the necessary faith of indulging your idea. 


Who: Cristina Ramos.

Cristina Ramos is a Spanish-American Writer & Crafter of Culture. She lives in an undisclosed bungalow in Miami, Florida.

In 2014, she began, "The Emerald Journal," a personal Web site that has morphed several times over into what it is today: a living notebook of truths gleaned traveling and drinking around the world.

She is passionate about writing and is often seen insisting that everyone around her take up a notebook, and glass of wine too.