Welcome home.


[hohm] One's dwelling or residence. A social unit formed when family when together. Your habitat. A place of origin, your home country. 

If broken down further to the state of being at home: We can feel relaxed, familiar or knowledgable and, in harmony with our surroundings.

Home becomes more than the place where one's domestic affections are centered. It is a concept with multiple legs and meanings that evolve over time. For us, home is somewhere between Florida and Spain, the state of which depends on what's is happening in our minds and hearts. One thing is for sure, we are citizens of a broader place than our physical address.


In this issue.

Let's talk wine, relationships & making change.


Idea Prompt & Wine Pairing to get a side project going

Changing your last name when married

To change your last name or not? 


The Whole Wine World: Take a chance on crazy ideas.

key west florida

Key West lookbook: Visual inspiration. 


Wedding Planning & Wine: A Creative Pairing made by the Gods.