our story.

This is a collaborative venture between us (Cris & Cris). It’s our baby and you’re free to peruse it as you see fit. Should you come to any ground-breaking conclusions or hardcore belly laughs, do share. 

We are writers, creatures of breaking habit and experience-hungry young {Miamian} adults. If you’re looking for something good with your morning coffee, a place to chill out during your hectic day or a solid read before your head hits the pillow, this is a superb place to hang out.

Presumably, we fit into the miscellaneous “lifestyle” category, but we don’t subscribe to titles and surely aren’t here to “curate your life."  We’re sharers on a mission to communicate, chronicling our young adult experiences one story at a time.


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our writing.

We cover topics that matter to us. Travel, art, cooking, healthy living, friendship, relationships, hustling, creating and everything else. Check out some of our grooviest posts.