5 Tips to Save Money & Travel More

Key West inspired me to save money. Allow me to explain…

beach vacation.jpg

It’s been a rough week for me, and sometimes I like to pour myself into planning something because it makes me feel better and I don’t have control issues in any way, obviously. So, I began to think of possible destinations that aren’t too far from Miami. It’s already beach season in South Florida, and I’ve been jonesing for an umbrella drink and live reggae. As I began to research, visions of tiki huts and palm trees swaying in my mind, I was reminded that vacations cost money. A lot of it, at times.

I’ve never had a particularly difficult time saving, but I have noticed recently a lot of our funds have been going towards food and drinks. Miami is not a cheap city, so I will give myself that. But, in reality, it’s difficult to be in your mid twenties and not want to go out and have a good time… and that usually involves spending money. 

Because I would like to travel more in general (at least two more trips in the books), I really wanted to focus on things to do that are still fun and involve saving money.

I also realized when you work hard during the week (and as a freelancer, I hustle), the weekends can often be a time where you just want distractions… which can be pricey. I don’t want to live distracted due to stress, and I don’t want to feel helpless to save money sacrificing a good time. I refuse to believe, even in an expensive city, that moderately priced fun cannot be had. So, with that in mind I’ve challenged myself to find free fun and make good times at home.

Here are some of my tips so far:

Pack lunch

I’ve been picnicking by a bus bench making salmon wraps for the past week. There’s an old man who drives a bus and honks at us every time, even though he only picks up senior citizens... but it’s become endearing and I feel richer every day. Plus, I get a little walk in and enjoy the sun.

Cooking dinner at home

Even splurging on Whole Foods ingredients and a bottle of wine will be cheaper than going out. Cooking can be fun, even if you’re tired from your day. I recently went on a non-cooking binge. And you know what? The minute I began to get my ass up and work out, I’ve suddenly rekindled the energy to do things… like cook.

Exercise outside 

Besides the obvious gym fee it will save you (and Miami gyms are pretty much one cliched nightmare after the next), working out at a park makes you feel good. There are birds chirping, people running, kids riding bike. It’s lovely! And… you’ll be getting into such good shape, dining out will lose some appeal.

Quarter Beer nights at home

Because of course. One of the first few weekends I decided to become a full time freelancer, my boyfriend was really supportive and showed up with a 12 pack of beer and a smile. We cracked open some brewskies and played a few rounds of quarters in our front patio. To date it’s been one of my favorite memories.

Be a tourist in your city

Taking micro adventures is the sh*t. A while ago, we took the metro into downtown and just spent the day walking and exploring. It felt like a different city as we leisurely looked at the buildings and shops. Often times we forget the simplicity of things. We don’t need much to be entertained, just some good company and a different perspective.

Are you saving money for travel? Something else? Share your tips with us!