Are you walking through the right doors?

I want to walk through that open door, I thought. It takes a moment to steady the shot because I am looking inside. This one was on our walk through Toledo, Spain. I was particularly excited to get an open peek. I saw plants and a courtyard, an older woman picking herbs and putting it into a small hand basket, perhaps for la cena

Doors have always been symbolic to me. You can walk into something new, you can greet a new person coming into your space or you can walk right out of a situation and onto the next set of possibilities. 

How many doors, metaphorical or otherwise, had I walked through recently? Not enough, I thought. Maybe not even the right ones lately. I've been doing more sitting inside longingly staring at a door and wondering desperately what would happen if I opened it, got up and just left. 

Do you find yourself wondering the same? Are you taking enough risks and walking into enough new terrains? Ask yourself today.