#BalanceBodyBox: All Encompassing Fitness




In Miami, the most common place fitness emporium can offer you one specific style of exercise —i.e. crossfit, bootcamp, gym, yoga—with little wiggle room for those who appreciate variety that doesn’t include Zumba or watered down yoga (seriously there is nothing spiritually or physically beneficial about taking a yoga class at a meat market). Personally, I have done the stereotypic gym, a full on crossfit membership, and even dabbled in bikram yoga for a while, but I find what really gets my motor reving is having options. A plethora of potential activities for the fit, and soulful multitasker.

Before writing this I was able to partake in a Hatha style yoga class lead by the exceptionally talented Carmen Hernandez-Esquijarosa—her 9 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays is the perfect way to start your day, completely sets the tone for fabulousness. She and Aileen highly recommended that I take the aerial yoga class, which let me tell you is a dream come true for a yogi looking to expand on their inversions, or a newbie looking to exercise in a way that brings out childlike energy. You won’t even feel the time passing. If you’re anything like me, your favorite part will be savasana (corpse pose, for those unfamiliar with the yogi lingo), but instead of being on the ground you are cocooned in a silk blanket floating out into the space of your mind. If only we could get lean and toned just by laying in savasana...wishful thinking. 

Carmen Aerial Yoga Balance Body Box

Balance Body Box is the perfect meld of physical activities to meet your complete needs, inside and out. They’re approach to fitness is more than what meets the eye, and surely that’s the most important focus you should have when it comes to your health.  You can test them out on your fitness journey by setting up an appointment directly, (classes can fill up so this is very convenient) or catch them on Class Pass, a network for the whimsically fit. 

The deets about this fitness sanctuary are all available at BalanceBodyBox.com, or follow them on instagram @balancebodybox for the latest updates. 

Balance Body Box Owners

Alex and Aileen Castellanos pioneered a space where people can select the workout to exhilarate and feed their mind-body connection because we are not all just looking to lose weight, or look better naked—sometimes we just need a place where we can feel great about ourselves for trying something soulful and new. Aileen’s background is in finance where she worked grueling hours and spent holidays away from family until she decided to do something for herself—getting her pilates certification was the first step in manifesting this creative space of nurturing the mind and body simultaneously ( her pilates classes utilize the reformer machine which assist you in reaching your fullest pilates potential). Her husband Alex was already well versed in the athletic world (a trainer for pro and semi-pro athletes with a fusion of cross-fit and bootcamp training ), but when they blended their talents and love of fitness in mind, body, and spirit the Balance Body Box became their brain child.