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Be your own vacation

Be your own vacation


You know that relaxing feeling you get from going on vacation and adopting the city’s energy?  Perhaps the days following your arrival you carried that positive energy for a little bit until it transitioned back to your normal routine, or maybe you were immediately thrusted back into it? Traveling and disconnecting from your daily ritual is a necessary and wonderful way to recharge and change up the energy in your life.  However, there is no need to rely on a vacation to channel relaxation and peace.  You can adopt this same vibe by shifting your perspective.

As Einstein said, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it's up to us to turn it around and transform the energy surrounding us into whatever we need it to be.

Pick your spot

If you find yourself overwhelmed and needing a vacation, but a vacation is not an option right now, choose a destination anyway.  Where is it you want to be right now?  Feel it. Do you want to channel the south of Spain?  The Greek isles?  Key West?  Close your eyes and listen.  Guide your thoughts to steady, and let yourself tell you where you need to be.

Define exactly what you like about it

Again, close your eyes wherever you are.  Breathe deeply and fully embody your destination.  What feeling comes over when you get there?  Do you immediately feel at ease?  Or do you suddenly feel more adventurous?  Does this place make you more playful than usual, or go slower than usual?  Define exactly what it is that visiting this place does for your spirit and psyche in concrete terms.

My feel good vacation is Key West, FL, where I feel the warmth of the sun on my face. The ocean breeze and island music puts me in a state of relaxation so sweet everything I do is slower and with complete awareness.

Apply little bits of its essence throughout your day

Bring pieces of your haven throughout your everyday life from the moment you wake up, right until you go to sleep.  Minor shifts like riding to work with the windows down so you could feel the sun on your face slowly begin to incorporate the feeling of being away.  Music is also a powerful tool that can put you in a different state.  I enjoy playing island music that is slow and melodic.  Even if I'm driving in crazy traffic or people are speeding around me, I am centered and in Key West.  I even like to play it while I work.  It slows down the pace and brings awareness to each thing I do, just as I’d do on an island.  Taking 5 minute breaks to walk outside and listen to a song will also revitalize you.  These short spurts bring your awareness back to your desired state.

Other details I incorporate into my daily routine that evoke this spirit throughout my senses are using lotions that smell like sunscreen, lighting coconut scented candles and cooking meals I'd typically find by the ocean. Physical reminders like these bring you back to the most important part—your perspective.  Your mind holds the power to transform your energy and how you will tackle the stresses in your life.  It is within your power to bring the peace from Key West to your life every day.

If you have never been to your vacation spot, that's more than okay.  We can use our imaginations and intuition to picture and channel this location.  We are all connected, and as humans, we can tap into a vast resource of the world's energy.  If you need to go someplace you've never been, close your eyes and be there.  If you are being drawn to a certain place there is already a connection.  Engage its energy and identify the activities and feelings that are attracting you to the destination so you can bring them to your life.  If it's Hawaii, imagine the things you want to do there, the people who will greet you, the smell of your hotel room.

Feel good and have fun

It always comes down to having fun and letting go. Besides the obvious fact that vacation puts us in a completely different environment separate from daily responsibilities, our brain aids in shifting the mindset. Because we are on "vacation", our mind automatically gives us the power and permission to slip into relaxation.  But we don't need to book a vacation, which sometimes can happen as little as once a year, to get there.  We ultimately control our mind's perspective so we have the power to give ourselves permission to be blissfully at ease and relaxed all year.  It's just a matter of switching perspectives and channeling the energy you want to create.


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