A homage to Beer + Coffee ☜ ♕

The beer and coffee world are not quite so different. Besides the obvious, like each being brewed, there is a fundamental overlap in the experience.  

Both command their own house, the brewery and java shop, respectively, and we visit these sanctuaries when we need an energetic change and a place to do it. Beer and coffee aromas fill our senses with bold flavor prior to taking the first sip, adding a multidimensional sensory experience.

Coffee, usually reserved for daytime, infuses our bodies with the vitality we need to tackle our day with greatness. Beer, typically a nighttime recreation, relaxes and soothes the day's scramble. Both consumption times interchangeable depending on your mood.

Beer and coffee are both complements, two sides of the same coin and distinctly similar buzzes that we crave.

If this is true for our day-to-day, it is law for travel. Coffee shops and bars are universal establishments for welcome conversation with strangers. The beverage of choice in your hand is proof enough you both have something in common. Similarly, when we want a place to welcome and elicit good conversation with our closest people, we elect to grab a drink. 

And now, a beer and coffee collage. For the story behind the beverage, click the photo ☟