Book Recommendation for the yogi

This week's read was all about reconnecting with yoga. Holding poses– some of which are quite difficult– allow you to experience the present. You can't take your mind off your muscles while you're twisted like a pretzel because you'll fall on your face. In this way, yoga is an intrinsically spiritual practice, a precursor to meditation. Trust, it's far simpler to remain in this moment when you're physically forced to versus sitting in silence leaving your mind free to think about the bag of chips you ate last night and how maybe the calories don't count since no one else saw... but you know. 

This is the type of information Rachel Brathen reminds us of in her book Yoga Girl, titled after her insanely successful Instagram account @yoga_girl. It's a quick read on how she found yoga sprinkled with how-to's for a beginner's level. Worth picking up if you're curious about yoga or would like to reconnect with your own practice. Yoga's benefits can sometimes be missed in this era of Instagrammed poses–– a fact Brathen herself acknowledges. But if filtering your downward dogs or posting headstands in picturesque places engages people who would never be exposed otherwise, I'm for it #YogaEveryDamnDay