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Colorado: Even the coffee has hops in it

Colorado is for beer lovers.  Dubbed the “state of brew culture”, whichever of its cities or towns you visit, you will be sure to find several breweries placed craftily between the granola shops and recycle bins.  It is such a beerfully fantastic state that its very own Denver mom and pop shop Corvus Coffee has crafted its own hopped coffee.  Pause for reaction.

Corvus Brew will wake you up with a delightful punch in the face.  The punch you crave in the mornings, and of course, around 3 PM when you’re needing that java jolt to keep you movin’. It’s really more of a playful punch is what I’m getting at. . .  We had a taste for ourselves and caught up with its inventor to get the deets on why he decided to defy mother nature and unite coffee and beer lovers for generations to come.  He had some groovy things to say.

Phil Goodlaxson is the patriarch of Corvus Coffee and creator of hopped coffee.  The down-to-earth fella was running his popular java shop, which supports sustainable farming practices (and we are huge fans of that!).  The Denver coffee house works solely with single estate and privately-owned farms and encourages them to cultivate sustainable processes that produce higher quality coffee beans (so every home-brewed cup o’ Joe is delicious and bio friendly).  So as Corvus Coffee was doin’ its sustainably awesome coffee thing, Phil had an idea.

The beer and coffee world are not quite so different.  Besides the obvious, like each product being brewed, there is a fundamental overlap in the experience.  Each command their own house, the brewery and java shop, and we visit these sanctuaries when we need an energetic shift and a place to do it.  Both aromas fill our senses with bold flavor and incite excitement for the yumminess we will soon experience.  Coffee, usually reserved for daytime, infuses our bodies with the energy we need to tackle our day with greatness.  Beer, a more nighttime recreation, relaxes and soothes us after a long day. They are both complements, two sides of the same coin and distinctly similar buzzes that we crave.

With this realization running creative thoughts through his mind, Phil went on to morph both coffee and hops.

“The first batch was just a gimmick.  We had no idea it would come out well and when we served it at a beer event, it was hugely popular!” said Phil.

Once he saw the crowd’s enthusiasm, he knew he had to make this real.  Phil made friends in the beer world and learned everything and anything about the different types of hops.  After going back to the brewing board a few times, he was able to narrow down citrus, aromatic hops with floral tones as the best mix for coffee.  Both flavors complement each other without competing, forming a delightful mixture that tingles the tongue and leaves one feeling both the energy and bold taste that coffee and beer graciously provide.

Could this be love?  I think so.  My boyfriend and I had to pick up a bottle in Colorado and try the coffee-beer marriage ourselves.  While he was more taken with the taste, I did enjoy it.  If you are a cold brew coffee fan accustomed to taking your java on the bolder, bitter side and revel in a jolly good IPA. . . this is for you.  That’s not to say, if you’re not a fan of either you won’t enjoy it.  I delightfully shared our Corvus Brew hopped coffee and relished the interesting taste.  Whether it is or isn’t your jive, if you like trying something new and hand-crafted, your inner foodie needs to drink hopped coffee.

While Corvus Brew is only in Colorado at the moment, Phil and his team are working hard to nationally distribute and you may find hopped coffee in a supermarket near you quite soon, Florida.  We can only hope.

Have you tried Corvus Brew hopped coffee?  Does this sound like a groovy idea?  Let us know what you think, people!



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