Travel to Germany: The top 3 Hipster cafes in Nuremberg

I'm obsessed with coffee shops... and beer. Stick me in a dimly lit room with the sounds of espresso being made and Drake playing softly in the background, and I'm set. 

There's just something about a java-induced conversation or work session that really jazzes me up. The coffee shop scene is fantastic in Nuremberg, Germany which I’ll admit was unexpected. More unexpected still… coffee shops are bars! But more casual. They’re like adult bars really, and by that I mean I can hear myself over the music AND I can still order a pint. Yes. 

There is an entire culture that parallels that of an early era Brooklyn with Euro flare. It’s not expensive and there are barely any tourists (although everyone did speak English, which is a super plus if you don’t know German). If you wanna get your eclectic groove on in Nuremberg, here’s where you wanna go.

Cafe Mainheim

Hipster haven numero uno. This place looks like it’s decorated with your grandmother’s old furniture mixed with modern art on the walls. You can order coffee, beer, homemade cakes and appetizers from a revolving menu. 

We came here several times either opting for beer or a chai latte with cake. You can easily lose yourself in conversation. 

Great first date spot.

Cafe Bar Katz

Hipster cafe in Nuremberg Germany similar to Williamsburg, New York. Travel to Germany. Nuremberg tourism.

Land of the bearded trend setters. If you’re not in flannel, you’ll feel left out. Here, you can sit at the bar, tables or couches. There’s a bit of everything and everyone is hanging out sipping coffee or pints of beer. 

The wallpaper looks like something out of the 70’s and the dim lighting makes you feel like getting a bit more intimate with the person in front of you.

Awesome for deep conversation.

Salon Regina

Hipster cafe in Nuremberg, Germany good coffee and awesome views of the German city streets. Travel to Germany. Nuremberg tourism.

Rustic charm with bohemian touches, coffee and beer. This combination makes getting tipsy an experience that still has all the trimmings of a the cozy coffee shop. 

The trinkets and decorative elements reveal more about the trendy cafe than I can. Anywhere that has a gnome and an antique TV set on the same shelf is somewhere I wanna be.

Perfect people-watching joint.