Craft Beer: Our Favorite Pumpkin Ales

Right around October, we start craving all that is pumpkin and good for the soul! Being that Miami's tropical weather doesn't allow for fireplaces, anticipating the seasonal flavors is what gets us pumped with holiday spirit. When out at a local bar we keep our eyes peeled for seasonal pumpkin ales on draft or in bottlet.

We’ve wrapped our lips around several hand crafted ales, some with creative twists on our favorite fall staple, which will surely warm you up from the inside out. Please enjoy responsibly!

Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale

A killer-combo of bourbon goodness, with a sweet hint of pumpkin makes this ale everything a bourbon lover would want in a bottle-o-suds. There’s a savory element in this brew which tickles my taste buds as well as my fancy. Grab yours while you can!

Cigar City Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale

This Tampa based brewery is doin’ it, and doin’ it well! Good Gourd is the perfect blend of pumpkin flavor, sugar, spice and everything nice. Brewed with Ceylon cinnamon, Jamaican allspice and zanzibar clove and nutmeg— once it hits your lips every sip is better than the last.

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

For all of you hop-fiends, give this piquant delight a chance to do a two-step on your palate. You’ll find a nice balance of pumpkin to hops, which I think makes the ale a great choice when you’re not looking to indulge your sweet tooth. Deep rooted in the traditional colonial style of pumpkin ale brewing, this gem out of New Hampshire is a delicious tribute to the republic. God Bless America!

Avery Rumpkin

Formidable is the only word that can truly embody this delectable brew, not only because of its bold flavors, but because it will literally knock you on your ass! At 16.7% ABV, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The Rumpkin is a combination of  roasted Colorado pumpkins, aged in rum barrels to elicit the sweetness of candied molasses, when allowed to breath and warm up to room temperature it can drink like a fine brandy.