DIY Cold Brew Coffee: Downloadable Freebie

If you're thinking I may be just a tad-bit obsessed with cold brew coffee, you're not wrong! As a matter of fact, as I sit here writing this I'm enjoying my cold concoction with coconut nectar (sweetener) and vanilla coconut milk. It's not just the coffee that gets me going, it's the aspect of sharing this simple process with you and hoping you make it at home to share with your family, friends, and co-workers. Think of all the popularity you'll gain when you show up to a coffee deprived lunch meeting with your homemade cold brew! The swagger points and epic high-fives will come flooding in.  

Other reasons to love cold brew (aside from the obvious benefits of caffeinating your life) include the many ways it can be used to enhance your recipes. Flavoring your food with coffee may not strike you as intuitive at first, but who doesn't love braised short ribs!?Cafe con lechon anyone? Coffee ice cream, a frozen coffee milkshake(or mudslide), or Irish coffee are just a few more dreamy options to add to your coffee recipe repertoire. A little whiskey plus Irish cream liquor in your coffee and your day just got a million times better. It's the perfect after dinner drink, or weekend pick me up.


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cold brew coffee and soy milk
cold brew panther coffee and chocolate croissant