DIY: Refreshing Rose Water Face Toner

Rosewater is no longer just an ingredient in your grandmother’s perfume... it’s a modern girl’s secret weapon.

Rose Water Spray

If you’ve ever tasted rosewater tea,  then you would be well aware of the delicious bouquet and rejuvenating nature of this powerhouse flower. It’s utility ranges from culinary accent to blissful spa therapies, but there are several reasons beyond teatime for you to be using the essence of rose water in your everyday skincare routine. Over the summer, I’ve tried to keep my skin glowing and hydrated by using my daily skincare regimen, but found my skin was still under quenched. After some due diligence all signs pointed to rose water. It’s a highly sought after skincare ingredient getting rave reviews for both its’ lovely scent and perfectly balanced hydration. The benefits and uses of this refreshing elixir include:

-Hydration and cooling

-Anti-inflammatory properties


-Antioxidant packed with Vitamin A, and C

-Balancing the Ph in the skin

-Gently removes make up

-Combats puffiness and dark circles in the undereye area

-Natural (and chemical free) fragrance for face and body

-After sun spray (when combined with aloe can help calm the skin)

I’ve become completely addicted to the effects of this magical mist, I carry it with me in my purse to help keep me calm, cool and dewy all day long. I also use it over makeup as a finishing spritz to seal in my freshly dolled up face—but my personal favorite is using it first thing in the morning. I slowly stumble to my refrigerator, grab my bottle of ice cold rose water and spritz myself straight in the face. It’s almost as effective as caffeine— but not quite. Still, the exhilarating boost gets all my senses flowing and allows me to face the day smelling like a delicate flower.

Doesn’t that just sound lovely?? Trust me, it is.


What you’ll need:

A 4 oz spray bottle

Rose water (Heritage Store brand found at Whole Foods Market)

Pure Aloe Vera (Aubrey brand found at Whole Foods Market)


Mix 3 oz of rose water with 1 oz of aloe vera in the spray bottle. Keep in your refrigerator and spray directly on to face like a toner, or spray onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your face. Shake the bottle before each use to mix up the goodness.

For best results— make multiple bottles and keep one with you at all times. It becomes especially useful on hot summer days, or anytime you just need to stop and smell the roses. Sorry, I couldn't resist that cliche.