Do you in 2017

“Do you,” my friend began to say to me. We we were in our early twenties. The words were often brought up in moments of frustration. At its worst, they would follow anger or loss. At its best, they would trail confusion and uncertainty. Two small words that cast a great shadow with their implication. When you’re young, you’re palatable to such advice. You crave anything to help you understand yourself better. 

"Doing you" would morph into many meanings over our twenties but all with similar manifestations: be here in this moment and honor your decisions. 

This is the underlying wisdom behind these two little words. They were once an inside joke between a few friends and now they're sittin' pretty in our cultural vernacular. There's a reason the saying has exploded into our zeitgeist, we are obviously craving something. We want to give ourselves the permission to do that the things that make us happy, to take chances and try new things, to quit the things we don't want. Whatever the case may be, all that you need to live a fulfilling life, to attain peace of mind or to take you out of any darkness you may be experiencing... it's already inside you. 

Thank you sincerely to those who stick around, read what I put out and interact with this labor of love in any way. This is where i've started doing me: practicing and failing and winning and taking chances. This little journal has been the catalyst to new experiences, perceptions, friendships, creativity and growth. To say that every comment, message or text makes me feel honored is a gross understatement. I'm wishing you all such a fantastic new year. Cheers to 2017!

Do you, my friends.