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Four things to do in Boulder, Colorado

Four things to do in Boulder, Colorado

We walked out of the airport and were greeted with crisp air and too many plaid shirts and beards. Miami airport air is like a wet slap in the face. But here, it's refreshing. 

Boulder, Colorado is a hipster fusion baby of craft beer, mountains, organic eats and granola vibes; it’s backdrop a gorgeous natural terrain and it’s general aura homemade and artisanal. 

I only had a few days to explore, but it was enough to leave me longing for this progressive little artist city. I normally opt to travel abroad, and just a few years back felt I had been neglecting the good ol' USA. I should know my own country more. So, Boulder was one of my first stops. My sister had described it as a bigger, cleaner college town where everyone recycled and drank beer, which is obviously heaven. She wasn't far off. 

I am an over-planner/pinner, and had spent several days stalking friends who lived there and pinning the hell out of our future experience... Of course, in the end, we end up loosely following my finely laid plans. Discovering a city's pulse by feeling it out is always the best way to go. But, here are a few places I humbly recommend you check out if you're in Boulder. 

Boulder Farmers’ Market

I’m a sucker for farmers’ markets, so this wasn’t a hard sell. We went here specifically because a friend who lived there said it was a non-negotiable stop. Since we only had a few days, I debated. As fabulous as they are, aren’t farmers’ markets all pretty much the same?

Nay. Not all farmers markets are created equal. You must stop by this one. The vendors are so friendly, the food is locally grown and fairly priced, and best of all, it's one of the best meals you can have. Sometimes I prefer grabbing something quick and hanging out on a park bench with breathtaking views as opposed to Yelping the best restaurant nearby.

Downtown Boulder

As a general rule of travel, I always go to a city’s downtown. It’s one of the first things we google and research as it's always the hub of any community. We’ve seen everything from smaller downtowns to bigger metropolis areas, and regardless of size, it’s always a nice showcase of any city.

Downtown Boulder falls somewhere in the middle. There are a ton of great shops and bars to visit, but it still feels very personal and small town. Plus, if you’re into travel photography, there are plenty of photo opps here. As you walk through the streets, you see artists everywhere. And I don't mean painters, in Boulder it seems as if life itself is an art. There are friends philosophizing as they have beer, singers and musicians jamming out, even the bartenders have a prideful aura as they recommend you a craft beer. 

Golden City Brewery

Beer in Colorado is awesome pretty much anywhere you go. You don’t have to research or google too hard to find a nice pint of craft beer. The appeal of Golden City Brewery specifically is the local vibe. It’s wedged in a residential neighborhood and feels like they converted a home into a beer garden. You order your brewsky in the ‘house’ and grab a seat in its ‘yard’. It's like you're invited to a really great house party.


I read a study not too long ago that says the human mind will actually become more expansive, leading to professional and personal breakthroughs, if it experiences ‘awe’. One of the most obvious places to experience this is nature. When you hike or drive through the Colorado mountains, you will be in awe. Seeing the huge rolls of land stretched before you is not only gorgeous, it reminds you of how small and insignificant your worries can be. Any of the hiking paths will do. We were lucky enough to be with locals who know the trails, so be careful and do your research ahead of time if you’re going at it solo.

Have you visited Boulder, Colorado? What did you think? Share with us below!


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