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Farm Fresh Miami: A Groovy Local CSA

Farm Fresh Miami: A Groovy Local CSA

Some of the best ideas ever created began with a solution to a personal dilemma, such as the one Erika Lisman faced when she wanted fresh, organic produce to be available and affordable in her community. As the saying goes, when you want something done right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself, and that’s when the CSA, Farm Fresh Miami was born.  Starting out with hand passed flyers in Erika’s neighborhood of Belle Meade, she created a network of people who, just like her, needed a reliable source of organic goodness.   

Community Supported Agriculture is a growing trend in South Florida, and if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s time for a pleasant awakening.  At the root of this idea, you have a network of people who are all looking to support local farmers, and get more than just the run of the mill produce options.  By putting all your eggs in the community supported basket, you’re empowering yourself and your community’s ability to choose high quality, organic, and non-GMO produce that comes in a variety of offerings.

Once you set yourself up as a member, you are prompted to choose a pick-up location that is most convenient for you (host homes are located all over the city by organic-lovin’ members of your neighborhood). Depending on your needs, you can choose from a full, half, or juicer’s share which comes with a variety of seasonal veggies, exotic fruits, or staples for your juicing pleasure. You can even add a la carte extras to your offering such as farm fresh eggs, local bread, handmade pasta, pressed juices, and so much more.  What I find to be a special perk of this style of produce shopping is the idea of each share being assembled by hand, with love.


Erika and the peeps at Farm Fresh Miami are taking this concept a giant leap forward, by November of this year the website will be “reborn” as something even more fabulous. Going forward, they are offering the community the flexibility to tailor make their offerings like an online grocer! This local CSA has officially become the most progressive of its kind. Picking up on the needs of their 750 members and a desire to provide the best service available is what sets them apart from other local CSA groups.  Some of us may be intimidated by the idea of receiving fruits and veggies outside of our comfort zone, personalization makes this a non-issue.

Eating organic in Miami has never been simplified to this degree, let’s show our support for this giant step in the right direction by supporting this local business and our local farmers!


Here are some of the local farms supplying Farm Fresh Miami with their bountiful harvest. Definitely worth checking them out:

Three Sisters Farm

Urban Greenworks




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