Halloween is better with squad goals

Halloween and I once had the strongest of bonds. As a child, I loved the holiday. I wore all types of amazing costumes, some of which were poor choices given Miami's weather (picture a full Pink Power Ranger body suit–– including the mask), some were kind of embarrassing and weird choices (a "ghetto" girl wearing pigtails and hoops–– during my pre-pubescent awkward phase complete with braces) and some were predictable and basic (as a young woman pursuing her college education at one of the best schools for communication in Florida, I discovered the "slutty" nurse and flight attendant–– even furry animals could be sluttified!–– like cats or rabbits).

After I graduated and attended one final Hallow's Eve costume-filled frenzy (Key West Fantasy Fest, whose photos and stories will never see the light of day), I retired from the scene altogether. The past few years were spent on the couch with Netflix or at my parent's home giving away candy to tiny trick-or-treaters (a surprisingly fulfilling Halloween experience). I figured my days with this holiday were over, and I was perhaps entering the final phase of Halloween where the holiday would go by mostly unnoticed, save for nostalgic BuzzFeed posts on Hocus Pocus

But this year, it turns out, the Halloween spirit would come alive... squad goal style. Holidays are celebrations, and this one commemorates creativity and the promise of being someone different. It's a day where we get to dream of who we'd like to be for one salacious evening of tricks and treats. The spirit we applied in our younger days is very much alive... and now it's even better because we get to drink.

Some of my favorite humans gathered for an evening of face painting [complete with glitter, gems and trying to remember the color wheel] and [stupidly enough] Jager. Sometimes, you just need your tribe. It turns out, Halloween is better with #SquadGoals. 

I give you #SkullCrew (and Panda Dan). 

Happy Halloween ya'll 🎃