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A writer's journal: wherever you go there you'll be

A writer's journal: wherever you go there you'll be

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When we leave our home to discover the unknown is when our soul reveals its deepest secrets to us.

I used to read a lot of Paulo Coelho on the road. He’s a writer that came with me on all my journeys when I was trying to find my place in the world. As I get older and reread his stories, I feel a certain sense of nostalgia. It’s like flipping through old postcards in my mind, and I frequently pause to remember what these passages meant to a younger me.

Have you ever felt this way looking back? Do you take the time to see how far you’ve come?

As we get older, our life can feel heavier. More people rely on us and the stakes are perceived as higher. Paolo Coelho spoke a lot about this in his novels, and he always had the urge to fly away, attempting to untether himself from these burdens.

I can’t deny that the idea of just leaving is appealing some days. Dropping all the stuff I've been working on in exchange for a simple existence somewhere far away. Real life is a loaded term. What should mean something good feels derogatory. 

Nothing will ever replace travel as a source to find yourself. To travel is to discover little pieces of your soul in every destination. Routine inevitably happens when we return home, but we don’t need to be worried or helpless in it. Even that tiki hut will be filled with ordinary and difficult days. Wherever you go, there you will be.

This is your moment, it isn’t somewhere else, you have not gone wrong. All the “mistakes” you’ve made were done on purpose. The universe is a purposeful being. She knows what she’s doing.

If you want to have vision and meaning for your life now and in the future, lean into it. Know it’s all within your grasp. It’s possible; you just have to listen to yourself.

Staring out my window at the expansive hills of Spain, all I see is wonder. A view that makes me feel small and unimportant in the best ways. I blend into the background without worry of anything from back home. It doesn’t matter. I don’t matter. And yet, I know that in just a couple of weeks I'll be back home. On the couch I always sit on, drinking from my favorite coffee mugs and on this same computer.

Don’t reserve soul searching for travel or other special moments. Be proactive about looking within and being curious about who you are and who you want to be. Bring this awareness to your real life.


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