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How to make a rustic #ChristmasTree

How to make a rustic #ChristmasTree

Christmas trees are awesome. Period.

While taking a tree out of its natural habitat isn’t something I’m necessarily a huge fan of, I really do like having one of nature’s most pretty creations smack dab in my living room. And the smell? I won’t even get started. Decorating it can be whole other box of fun...

This year was my boyfriend and I’s very first Christmas tree. We’ve decorated trees with our respective families, but ever since moving out on our own, we have not bought nor decorated a tree for ourselves. So this was kind of a learning curb that I wanted to share for anyone else going through the same process. We picked a rustic style for our tree because we love the look and it matches with our place.

If you’re into the same theme or would like to appreciate the process, take a read below:


Things you'll need:


Christmas Tree

Tree Stand

Twig wrap and/or wreath

Lights (200-400)


Burlap (thick)


DIY Ornaments (*See specific link for supplies on either ornament)

Filler ornaments (*See specific supplies below)

Step 1 Buy a tree

Seems like an obvious one, but…

Step 2 Buy a tree stand

Make sure your tree stand has the screws. We made the mistake of not knowing and had to go back to the store and pick these bad boys up. In case you were wondering, yes, we were judged.

Step 3 Let there be light

Adorn your tree with lights. Make sure to buy at least 200 lights. You should go with more, but 200 is the minimum we’d say.

Step 4 Get wreathy with it

We chose to purchase a twig wreath wrap (if you can’t find this, a regular twig wreath will do) so we could unravel it and wrap it around our tree. This adds an earthy, rustic tone to the tree.

If your wreath is not long enough, cut it into several pieces with a scissor and place around the more prominent parts of the tree. Buy 2-3 wreaths to be on the safe side (we fell a bit short with 1).

Step 5 Ribbons and twine

We chose to get some snazzy gold-toned and burlap ribbons, as well as twine. For the ribbons, you may get any color you wish, we just like how gold hues and burlap match with brown earth tones best. But get as crazy and colorful as your heart desires.

On the twine, get the sturdier rope-looking type and wrap it around the tree. You can leave it at that, or get clothing pins and tags like we did. This adds a little something extra as you can personalize the tree. We wrote about things that remind us of Christmas on our tags.

Step 6 DIY Ornaments

Your options here are plenty. We chose a few DIY ornaments that followed our criteria of staying within the gold-brown-nature color family, as well as being somewhat upcycled. Check out the finished product below, and click the images in order to find out how to make them.

Step 7 Fillers

Okay, I don’t love this word, but step 6 is for fillers. Once you add the “meat” of the tree, what’s left is the scant parts that you will fill. We used pinecones, 1 box of regular gold, metalic ornament balls and ribbon to make bows.


Step 8 Toppings 

The top of your rustic tree can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. We tied a simple bows with the leftover burlap ribbon. 

Step 9 Celebrate

Have a drink and enjoy your tree. Happy holidays ya’ll!


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