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How to make #BaconSalt: Holiday gift DIY

How to make #BaconSalt: Holiday gift DIY

Bacon Salt, a love story.

We are huge proponents of balance at The Emerald Journal.  We dedicate entire blog posts to it, as well as mention it in some form or another as we write about other subjects.  This is no exception.  The holidays are one of my favorite times a year for food, I know it is for many of us.  On that note, this year my boyfriend and I wanted to give our families a homemade gift they could use to enjoy this feasting time of year!  Hence, our DIY bacon salt.

It goes without saying, please use this seasoning with a balanced approach.  As this is a traditionally indulgent time of year, remember moderation and use sparingly!  This is not intended to replace a daily seasoner, people.

Bacon is a religion in our home.  As Cris likes to joke, I am a “Baco-tarian”, meaning I don’t eat any meat, except bacon.  It’s my one exception because. . . obviously.  Bacon tastes amazing with everything (even sweets!).  I can go on and on, but I will instead tell you that our bacon salt, which serves as a seasoning for any holiday meal, is fantastic.  There’s something so special about making your loved ones a gift, especially one that is a reflection of yourself. Besides the taste, this is truly why we decided to share our favorite cheat with our favorite people.

The process was not hard at all.  It’s simple to adjust based on the number of packages you are making, as well as other factors contributing to your holiday gifting.  We made 10 bottles

that hold 1-2 ounces of dry materials each, so if you have a lot of gift giving, feel free to mimic the amounts below.  If not, adjust to your container size, number of gifts, etc.  Feel free to reach out directly to us in the comments below.  We can help you adjust!

You’ll need:

2 lbs of bacon (preferably free range , organic or grass fed)

3 tbsp of Himalayan Sea Salt (or Sea Salt if you prefer)

2 tsp of ground black pepper (we used lemon pepper, which tasted divine, so feel free to play with this ingredient as well)

Step 1

 Broil the bacon on HIGH for 6-10 minutes.  Remember to eyeball it as all ovens were not created equal.  What you should be looking out for: crispy bacon (but careful not to burn it).

Step 2

Lay out your bacon and dab it with paper towels to absorb fat and grease.  You’ll want to de-greasify as much as possible so the consistency is drier.

Step 3

Put your bacon, Himalayan Sea Salt and ground black pepper in a food processor.  In my case, I used the Ninja blender because it was easier given the larger amount of bacon. Either will work.  Blend until the bacon is fine and the ingredients mix in.

Step 4

Package, give and enjoy!  Remember to keep refrigerated!

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