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How to make reindeer cork ornaments: #Holiday DIY

How to make reindeer cork ornaments: #Holiday DIY

Reindeer cork ornaments are a pretty easy way to upcycle wine corks and be a Christmas bad ass. You’ll need just a few materials to bring these adorable little fellas to life.


You’ll need:


Wine Corks

Sharp Knife

Googly Eyes

Red Jingle Bells (small)

Ornament Hooks

Old magazine


Small branch from your Christmas tree

Glue Gun


Step 1 Hook Me

Twist your ornament hook into the below shape and dig it into a full cork. This is your little reindeer’s body, which will serve as the base to hang your ornament up.

Step 2 Cork Cutting

Cut up your corks! You’ll need half a cork for the head, 1 full cork for the body and 1 cork cut into 4 parts for the legs

Step 3 That Face

Using your glue gun, glue the googly eyes and red jingle bell onto the half-cork piece. Cut small ears from your magazine and glue them to the back of your reindeer’s head. Finally, cut two small branches from your Christmas tree branch, and glue them right over the ears. These are your reindeer antlers.

Step 4 Glue Me

Glue each of your cork parts like so:

Step 5 Dry Me

Let your reindeer dry off and hang that bad boy on your tree!


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