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How to make rustic arrow ornaments: #Holiday DIY

How to make rustic arrow ornaments: #Holiday DIY

Rustic, homemade ornaments are awesome touches for your Christmas tree. I love these little arrows in particular because they remind me of something the lost boys in Peter Pan would use. And Peter Pan is pretty much my favorite Disney flick.


You’ll need:



Beads (make sure the holes are big enough to fit through a twig)




Glue gun

Step 1 Beads

Stick 2-3 beads in each of the twigs. If the twig itself doesn’t hold the beads in place, put a spot of glue with your glue gun on the first and last bead.

Step 2 Feather Me

Stick a feather in the bead on the end of the twig (preferably when you’ve just put the hot glue as it’ll keep the feather firmly in place).

Step 3 Burlap Tips

Cut your burlap into tiny triangles (2 per arrow). Put a dot of glue in the center of one of the triangles, and hold the arrow firmly to that place (in order to make the twig stick to the burlap).

Put a few more dots of hot glue on each edge of the triangle, and paste the other burlap triangle over it. Your two triangles should meet covering the stick.

Step 4 Twine Time

Cut the twine in small pieces (this is going to be what holds the arrow up). Tie one tiny knot towards the burlap triangle tip, and another towards the beads. Once you’re finished, you should be able to hang your arrow.

Step 5 Enjoy

Take a step back and high five yourself.


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