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Hydrating Hair Mask: 2 Ways to Beautify With Raw Foods This Summer

Hydrating Hair Mask: 2 Ways to Beautify With Raw Foods This Summer

hydrating natural DIY summer hair mask

I love simplicity. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking relaxation into your own hands by whipping together what (literally) requires the ingenuity of making a smoothie. A bottled hair mask can usually be acquired in a neatly organized convenience store, but inconveniently  either stocked with harmful chemicals, make more promises than a politician by way of results, and cost entirely too much. My straightforward approach to beauty allows you to use raw foods (nature’s medicine cabinet) and create incredible results.

Most pantries are equipped with these basic ingredients, once combined you will have a magical tonic to cure your lackluster-locks of seasonal dryness. Living in Miami holds many opportunities to bask in the sun, pool, or beach—but after a while your luscious strands will look more like dry palm leaves. Here are two nifty ways to rehydrate the life back into your hair while enjoying a spa-like experience without the price tag.

For an even more delicious way to indulge, combine the hair mask with a hobby that requires you to leisurely sit and soak up the goodness—grab a book ( or favorite blog, wink-wink) or perhaps an episode of whatever tickles your fancy. This way you can time your hair mask with another relaxing activity, a win-win scenario.


The Mane Event:

Bananas- create softness, shine, combat dandruff and promote healthy growth because of the rich levels of potassium, natural oils, and antioxidants.

Coconut oil- penetrates inner layer of your hair follicle to help improve strength and flexibility, thus will continue to perform it’s due diligence even after washing your hair.

Raw honey- softens hair, removes build up, and acts as a humectant (a fancy word meaning it attracts moisture from the air to your hair).

Aloe- anti-fungal properties ward off dandruff, balance pH, relieves dry scalp, and helps keep moisture

Lavender- it’s heavenly smell relaxes you from head to toe with one whiff….and that’s truly the point of this.  

applying a hydrating hair mask DIY

Hair Mask #1

2 oz aloe vera juice

2 tbsp raw honey

1 tbsp coconut oil

5-10 drops of lavender essential oil

Hair Mask #2

2 ripe bananas

2 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp raw honey

It's really this simple...

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor and apply to hair starting with roots, then saturate the body of your hair. With a large hair clip (or hair tie) arrange it in a high bun. Once 30-45 minutes has gone by you can wash out your yummy hair mask with your favorite organic shampoo—or no-poo method.

Special Shout Out:

Wholefoods Market

We would like to thank our beautiful friends at the Whole Foods Market in Davie for kindly arranging this little hair-care package! Clearly, using the power of raw (whole) foods to beautify your hair is right up their alley—or aisles anyway. Speaking of which, the Davie store will be hosting a fun upcoming event at their Whole Body department to help get you on a path to wellness, definitely check them out! 

Spring into Wellness

Wednesday, April 29 | 5 pm – 8 pm | The Whole Body Department

Spring into wellness and nourish your mind & body with help from our Whole Body department! Join us for an evening of:

-       Healthy Recipes!

-       Giveaways!

-       Meet & Greets with local gyms!

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