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I am at the age where... Exploring 28

I am at the age where... Exploring 28

I am at the age where... 

I'm 28 years old. That means a lot of things to a lot of different people. 

Every conflict or emotion in your life can all be tied back to the self. In other words, it's always about you. Always. If you dissect a problem, artwork, fight, or even a happy, positive feeling down to its skeleton, you'll find yourself staring right back at you.

Explore yourself today. The prompts below are from a book meant to inspire poetry. Fill them out and revisit them. Did you find anything surprising? I'm willing to bet you will.

I am at the age where…

I care about wrinkles and wear SPF 30.

Love feels good again.

Nothing is as important as it seems most of the time.

My pool of friends is more concentrated, like a perfect shot of Baileys. I only need so much.

Home is where the heart is. Home is where your love lives.

The work matters, all of it.

I often entertain the fantasy that one of my novels will be converted into a film, making me one of America's most beloved writers.

Authenticity is always the most important thing.

I do what I want.

The comfort-to-sexy ratio is 80/20 on shoes, majority comfort.

I’m ready to be responsible for a living thing… I’m ready to own a dog.

I seek quiet.

Eyeliner is not an everyday standard.

Smart is always sexier.

Travel is my religion.

I drink water in copious amounts because I believe it will keep my skin glowing.

I'm still learning not to talk about politics. 

What do you like…

place: Mountains.

time: Mornings.

weather: A 75 degree afternoon in Miami.

colour: Grays and greens. They make me feel sophisticated. 

sound: The memory of my Mom singing me a sad Spanish song about a little girl whose father died. I still tear up if I hear the melody.

smell: My boyfriend's deodorant. 

taste: A strawberry milkshake done right. 

Describe your world as you see it…


A complicated canvas of curiosity, creativity, daydreams, stories, adventure, sorrow, old wounds, love, self analyzation and a bit of vanity.


Constantly changing, agreeable, aloof, natural, funny, peaceful.

your regret: My pride.

your pride: Is regretful.

Your attachments:


I've always had a strange relationship with dependence. Because of this I've given too much and then too little, leaving a trail of people who have felt abandoned in some way. 


Not only living beings retain a soul, some objects do as well. Respect things, they have their own spirits.

New Year’s Eve is mind porn and I am an addict.

New Year’s Eve is mind porn and I am an addict.

Thanksgiving in Brazil

Thanksgiving in Brazil