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Introducing a FREE resource just for you...

Introducing a FREE resource just for you...

Have you ever been called a List Girl?

It’s not a well-known term but once you hear it, you know exactly what it means. It means you love making lists… for everything. And you know what? Lists work. Lists are fantastic.

If I’m having an overwhelming day, just writing down a list of what I have to do makes me feel better. A bit Type A? Perhaps. A badass method for accomplishing goals and tasks? Always.

We were tinkering with this terminology just the other day laughing at how the list we had just made was already making us feel accomplished (nevermind we hadn’t tackled anything on it yet). But such is the power of the list. It gives us a little written assessment of what’s up. Lists allow us to take all the perfectly useful information floating around our mind (which can be crowded as we have tons of information, worries, errands and responsibilities in there) and puts it in writing. Lists make things real.

I believe strongly in the power of writing something down. If you’ve ever journaled and looked at what you wrote in black and white, it adds an entirely different dimension to what you’re experiencing and makes getting through it much easier.

You’re busy. You probably have a job, a life, perhaps a family (big or small), other responsibilities to loved ones and friends… you have a ton of things going on. And we hear you. We’re living that. So we decided to provide a series that would help our most loyal VIP readers, the Emerald Newsletter subscribers.

From the wholehearted place of empathy and appreciation, The List Girl Series was born. Cris and I have been thoughtfully putting together worksheets that will make your life easier. Are you swamped but want to take a look at your finances? Do you know what needs to be organic, non-GMO, insert-scary-trendy-food-term-here when you go grocery shopping? We got you. Take a load off and lean on a resource that was created just for you.

Our lists aren’t pretty stationary acting as a resource (although they are snazzy), they are seriously helpful tools we have developed to support you (the super-busy over achiever) in taking one more thing off your plate. Simply put, we made the downloadable series we would use ourselves. 

Becoming a member of our VIPs will grant you access to receiving our List Girl Series! We’ll shoot you a note with the themed list right to your inbox. Just like that. Easy.

If you’re into making your life simpler with a free resource that’s been thoughtfully developed, give us your email below. This week’s first freebie, The Financial Girl’s List, is available for download post-sign up.

The Financial Girl’s List is a template to help you capture everything you’re making, spending and saving (including a breakdown of each expense category).

How to use it: Print this puppy and fill out the blocks that are applicable to you. We’ve thought of mostly every expense you could have and left empty rows to add additional items. Once filled out, you will have a comprehensive document of your monthly finances (complete with your own notes for particular items and goals).

Trust us, once you have everything written down in black and white, it will:

  • Lay the framework for you to develop new goals based on your current situation
  • Allow you to asses what tweaks you need to make in order to follow your financial goals
  • Make you feel THAT much better because you now have a list.... You're halfway there my friend
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