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Mad About Moringa

Moringa Leaf Powder

As a holistic health enthusiast I have my ear to the grindstone for new— and often times ancient— remedies with grand potential for boosting individual health. I am often asked if I take supplemental vitamins, after workout or pre workout powders etc., to aid in my overall health, but the only vitamin regimen I’ve stuck with is using Moringa Oleifera leaf powder. Some reading this have never even heard of this nutritional miracle which is why I feel adamant about spreading the good word. Before I go any further, I am not a medical professional. Nor do I have nutritional education beyond my undergraduate degree in biological science (so please consult your medical professional before taking my advice), but I am however living proof that using the leaves of this tree on a daily basis can do wonders for a multitude of ailments. There are vast amounts of scientific research which breaks down the benefits and side effects of the entire plant, here I will only be specifically discussing the benefits of the powder made from dry-grinding the leaves.

Years ago, an old friend of mine in the Peace Corps phoned me one afternoon about this “miracle tree” he encountered on his travels in Africa. I was immediately intrigued by the alluring cure-all benefits he was describing—super antioxidant, complete complex of all essential amino acids, megadoses of vitamins A,E, and C, calcium, potassium, purification of water, antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory etc.— the list seemed to go on forever. At the time I was really looking toward homeopathic medicine as a new direction in taking control of my approach to health. I believe everything in your body functions so you can be healthy and productive, and our role in this process is to ensure we are receiving all the essential nutrients our bodies require to do just that. Science has shown moringa feeds the body with invigorating nutrients which help keep cells healthy and fully functional, in the most malnourished parts of the world this green leaf powder is offering hope and health. It was a defining moment in my life where I realized something needed to change, and it had to start with me. I took this phone call as a sign from the universe that I was making the right decision in taking matters into my own hands.

Charged with information, I consulted my physician about taking this leaf powder as a supplement, and since then I have found numerous ways to include it in my diet to the point where I practically use it as a seasoning. It tastes like a spoon full of spinach or kale, but it can be masked with other flavors if this is an issue for you. I have experienced boosts in energy levels, a decrease in my overall cholesterol (which was once an issue), and feel it’s amazing effects in my joints and muscles after a strenuous workout.

Here are some creative ways to get your dose of moringa, some of which completely mask the “green” flavor. Although, you’ll want to avoid over heating the powder so as to avoid reducing the nutrient potency.

Put a spoonful in your:

Tea, coffee, smoothies, juice, yogurt, eggs, soups, marinades, salad dressing, rice, nut butter, mixed with a spoonful of honey, pasta sauce, sprinkled on oatmeal, granola, or muesli, hot cocoa, pancakes, cookies, muffins, and practically any baked good known to man.

I’ll be posting some recipes in the future and pointing out how I used moringa to supercharge my meal with raw, and bioavailable vitamins. If you are wondering where you can find this little miracle, I use King Moringa when I can't get my hands on leaves to grind on my own. They also have a wealth of information on the product to assist in your research. 


Cheers to healthy living!


This one's for my fellow curly-haired gals

This one's for my fellow curly-haired gals

Coffee shops + caffeine = idea sex

Coffee shops + caffeine = idea sex