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#NewYear #NewYou: how to update your 2015 style

#NewYear #NewYou: how to update your 2015 style

Emphasis on the exterior is a tricky balance at times. We live in a culture that conditions us to pour too much of our money and anxiety on plastic aesthetics versus raw beauty and health. The truth is, we should feel beautiful all the time. This outward beauty, which should always be rooted from a place of inner joy and satisfaction, is an integral part to creating lasting transformation.

This month, much of the focus will be on transforming many areas of your life and your new goals for the new year.  Amidst all that thinking, which is wonderful, squeeze in some time to refresh your look. Your outside is a reflection of your inside. Tangible changes, especially physical transformations, can be a powerful aid in helping you achieve the goal of change.

You get up every morning and see yourself. You are the one person you’ll be guaranteed to see every day of your life. Shake it up and give your eyes something new to stare at. Here are some steps to revamp your 2015 style:

Do your do

Do you have what we call “Jennifer Anistonism”?  What does this mean?  Not having her fabulous hair, but rocking the same solid look for some years. It’s time for some change.  Color?  Cut?  Style?  Any or all of the above, but get empowered to look different.  Change is good, even Aniston got tired and chopped her hair off.  #Kudos

Face it

Your face should always, always be in focus. If you’ve been using old makeup (which is terrible for you and will cause breakouts), go shopping in your pantry for something holistic (your skin will thank you). If you’ve been doing the same kind of beauty style, do something different. Even Gwen Stefani, who we’ve barely seen without red lipstick, needs change.  Just because it works doesn’t mean you should never deviate. 

Mix it up 

Most of us use 20% of our closet 80% of the time. Make a concerted effort to use your entire closet. You’ll look different and more importantly feel different. Ladies, if you use the same exact purse every day for work, outings, weekends . . . give it a break. Men, if you’ve been rocking the same pair of pants for work, let them be.

Be a rainbow

Colors: Wear them.  I know so many girls—and guys—who always wear muted colors, or worse, black. Life is not a funeral. Be bright, be bold.


Again, we get into our style groove, and I’m especially guilty of wearing my “old faithfuls” of jewelry and purses. Wear bolder pieces and take all your stuff out for a walk.

Get new gym clothes

Also guilty here.  The last thing I ever want to buy are clothes I get sweaty in. But, honestly, you should invest. Get yourself some sporty-chic clothes, no more ratty old sweatshirt and leggings. It’s 2015 people!

Find yourself fascinating

If you don’t, no one will. Self confidence is the most sexy style update you can give yourself in 2015.

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