Please collaborate with our panel of good news

... and positive things that happen every day.

It's cold and dark. The train let us off on the farther end of Madrid, and we need get back to the center of the city. Looking for the nearest cafe for Wifi, that's when we see it–– a Euro-sized truck with an ad on it. Van Gogh stares at us proclaiming his cafe is right over there. We turn to the right, and sure enough he is correct. His coffee shop is only a block away.

The cafe was not the typical Spanish setup that tends to be an old little shop serving only one type of coffee and no internet. This is also a bar with Van Gogh's likeness splashed across it. There are photos, quotes, paintings. We hit the jackpot. This coffee shop is way too modern not to have Wifi. 

As we find ourselves two spots at the bar, we peruse the menu for our order while preparing our phones. We look up to scan the draft beer selection and see a thoughtful sign. It apologizes for not having Wifi, "I guess you'll just have to talk to each other instead," follow the bad news. We close the menu. Damnit. What to do.

I stare at Van Gogh's stern expression. His eyes twinkling with a wry smile. He's mocking me. All right sir, you did bring us here in the first place. "Let's just stay and have one drink," I say to my sweetheart.

The people around the coffee shop are all taking heed of Van Gogh's warning, they're either intently listening or maintaining engaged conversations. Even without much to say, there's enough on the walls to keep us entertained. Each space is reserved for the late artists' creativity and sardonic wisdom. 

And then I see a framed sign hanging over its free community library. It looks like your run-of-the-mill coffee shop cork board where locals pin concerts, free events or their business cards ––except this board asks,

"Please collaborate with our panel of good news and positive things that happen every day."

Upon closer look, the board is populated with the sweetest collection of random notes sharing happy moments, accidental good news and words of inspiration. It's the kind of sign that would be placed over a shelf of free books. And it's the universal nudge we need to remind us that good news is everywhere, we need only collaborate with it.

Thought of the day: Share something good that happened to you today. Let us know in the comments below or on Instagram. Collaborate with positivity and share this post with a friend who needs to it.