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#SpiceUpYourLife: Sandra's Spice for Coffee

#SpiceUpYourLife: Sandra's Spice for Coffee

In the wee hours of the morning, Sandra stumbled into the kitchen. It was downstairs and she was on vacation, unfamiliar with what little food there may be. When insomnia strikes and you're not in your home, a comforting, warm cup of coffee is your best friend. As Sandra rustled through the cupboards of her vacation home, she found refuge in an old box of coffee... Oh boy. Settling for the only Java in sight, she scoured the draws for something- anything- to make it taste better. As she finally gathered a few essential spices and mixed them all up, the first batch of Sandra’s Spice for Coffee was born.

Necessity is the birthplace of many products, and we love Sandra's story. We can relate to needing that delicious cup of Joe. Since that night, the local entrepreneur did her research and developed the perfect blend of spices. The aptly-titled 'Sandra’s Spice for Coffee' is now a yummy part of many South Florida locals' coffee routines.

Spices are a natural and delicious way to enhance the bold flavor of coffee, and it's an excellent start to cutting out the sugar while keeping a sweet taste. There are a number of health-related benefits which we find pretty groovy too. Numerous studies have proven that different spices and herbs are good for our health. For instance, antioxidants in cinnamon have been linked to lower inflammation, as well as reductions in blood glucose concentrations in people with diabetes. 

Additionally, and this is the fun part, seasoning your food with spice eliminates the need to add salt or calorific seasonings. One thing in particular we like about Sandra’s Spice for Coffee is its versatility. Although it is packaged as a coffee spicer-upper, this nifty product can be used across various meals in your kitchen prep. We used her spices in all our holiday prep for #Friends-giving, as well as other items, like mushrooms with vinegar, scrambled eggs, sauteed vegetables, turkey roast or seasoning, cookies, pies and holiday cocktails.

Sandra is local, which we love. There’s nothing like supporting local products and we are fans of the souls who make South Florida shine with their talents!

For more information on Sandra’s Spice for Coffee and how to bring this multi-purpose miracle into your kitchen visit: SimplyMadeBest.com or SandraJane.com

Seasonal Bonus: Enjoy Sandra’s Spicy Apple Cider Holiday Cocktail, or Mocktail, below!

You’ll need:

16 oz organic apple cider all natural no added sugars

2 teaspoons Sandra’s Spice

1 tangerine (juice and peel)

In a medium saucepan add organic apple cider, Sandra’s Spice, juice from tangerine, tangerine peel and place over medium heat and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Do not boil. If you see bubbles turn the temperature to a lower setting.

Remove from stove and let cool. When cool, place a strainer lined with a coffee filter (optional) over bowl and pour in the apple cider.

When ready to serve add a shot of vanilla vodka and stir. (Optional)

This may also be served as a hot cocktail. Use heat safe glass wear.

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