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#SpringForward: Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

#SpringForward: Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

Spring Immune Boost Juice

I try to make juicing and superfood intake a priority all year round, but when April comes around I find it especially necessary to help ward off pesky spring allergens. Even saying the word pollen makes my nose tingle and eyes water. Everywhere you look there are flowers in bloom, butterflies and bees pollinating up a storm, there's no wonder why every morning I find a thin layer of pollen dusted onto my windshield— the spring struggle is real. Increasing consumption of micronutrients from leafy greens, citrus, and berries (such as zinc, and vitamin C) is a refreshing way to combat inflammation common to the season.

This juice is a powerful punch of bitter greens, rounded out by the acidic sweetness of berries and lime. I like my juices to be a little more on the bitter side, in my head it translates to more health—but not all tastebuds are programmed alike, so please feel free to mix in some pineapple to sweeten the deal. 

Cheers to your health! 



1 Cup Kale

2 Cups Arugula

1 Cucumber

5 Celery Sticks

1 Small Beet

10-15 Strawberries

Juice of 1 lime 

Blend in some pineapple (Optional)


As always, please use organic ingredients because you deserve the best! 


Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional, just a girl who loves to juice and promote holistic methods to cleansing and helping your body thrive. Always consult your primary care doctor with any medical concerns. 

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