Text Message Insights & Breakthroughs

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Real life is more than just the things that get neatly processed and fleshed out into written pieces or videos. It’s the day-by-day quandaries and successes, the moments spent chatting with your favorite people and the advice that becomes solidified in text message threads. These are those stories.

Please enjoy a series of insights, breakthroughs and random ways to remind us that we’re all just one text message away from figuring it out.

L [Tue, Aug 16, 11:20 AM] : My horoscope told me to chop off a piece of my hair to put it under a pillow and dream on it for 5 nights lmao guess who did that

Do you think we should still be listening to this guy

R [Tue, Aug 16, 11:23 AM] : 

R [Tue, Aug 17, 4:48 PM] :

L [Fri, Aug 19, 1:05 PM] : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mmzWSxkTuyE

L [Mon, Aug 28, 5:52 AM] :

L: At a bar called rock bottom having a beer in the middle of the day… it’s a Monday. What am I doing with my life??

R [Mon, Aug 28, 9:44 AM] : Lmfao
I love you for that

L [Wed, Aug 31, 6:22 AM] : 

R [Wed, Aug 31, 9: 45 AM] : Where is that from. It’s everything. 

L [Wed, Aug 31, 9: 45 AM] : From a fabulous bookstore I found. Can’t stop reading this at the bookstore, check it out when you can. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

How are you btw any updates on the house? On the potential move? Are you making art? How’s the neurosis? lol

R [Wed, Aug 31,  10:02 AM] : Lmaooo all those questions just made me giggle.

L [Wed, Aug 31,  10:12 AM] : I’m glad.. When you put them together like that, they’re kind of beautiful

My current mantra btw: you are me and I am you
Tapping into we are all source energy principle. It’s kind of annoying and I don’t know why it’s happening lol but it is.

R [Wed, Aug 31,  10:15 AM] : That’s really powerful….

I miss Saturday mornings at your house after a night out lol random thought i know. There was some excitement to feeling “unsolved”

And very young lol I dunno why I’m still young but feel the weight of being almost 30

Feels like we all have to be so serious now. We’re adult people 🙄😜😂

L [Wed, Aug 31,  10:18 AM] : I confess I may always feel ten yrs younger though. Which places me at 19. Lol how can I get married have babies and do real work at 19

R [Wed, Aug 31,  10:20 AM]: Haha I think there’s wisdom to staying young. When you’re young you act like you have more time and possibilities 😑 I’m starting to have to pluck out the same 2-3 gray hairs on my head btw. 💀

L [Wed, Aug 31,  10:25 AM]: Yea. I’m ready to find a simple job and live my simple life for as long as it takes.

Lmao you keep plucking

R [Fri, Sept 9,  11:00 AM]: 

She still doesn’t… 🌚✨

L [Fri, Sept 9,  11:02 AM]: