There are signs everywhere

Have you ever experienced a day so hectic you contemplated giving up? 

That was a day I had this week. I was anxious in the pitt of my stomach. I felt a lack of abundance and luck after several things went wrong, broke or just blew up in my face. I even scratched the side of my car, which gave my already old Honda Accord an even more worn out look.

My sister came over to help. We ran errands and tried to tend to some of the issues. When we were finally back to my home when she wanted to walk her dog. I was so exhausted but I did it anyway. She had come all the way here to help.

As I was walking out the door I caught a glimpse of The Fifth Agreement, a book I was reading that same morning hoping its philosophies would sink in and center me. Man, I wish I could afford to buy some more books like that. But right now, we need to be saving. 

We began to walk and take random turns through the neighborhood. It was the first time she didn't want to take her pup to the dog park by my place. We kept exploring new side streets that led us to bump into an old friend she knew in college. How do you know her, I asked. We took a self awareness class together, she answered, her dream was to become a yoga instructor and mine was to go to PA school.

They both hadn't seen each other since that class 4 years ago and they both are following those dreams, which had seemed completely out of the question and unrealistic at the time. The walk was already worth it.

We continued on taking another random turn. The street looked smaller, like it could be a dead end, but I figured why not. I was no longer in a hurry. We walked down the road looking at the Old florida styled houses that are signature to the Coconut Grove area in Miami. I never stop and appreciate living here, I thought.

As we continued, we saw a table in the middle of the sidewalk. Strange. Upon taking a closer look we see it: a pile of books and a little sign that read: "Take me. Free Books." I couldn't believe it. We went through them... they were all about conquering the mind and learning to find your authentic self. Bizarrely in line with the philosophies of The Fifth Agreement.

In that moment I remembered, there are signs everywhere. There are always positive forces at play in our lives. They work behind the scenes in the backdrop of a shitty day. While you're worrying about something that seems unsolvable, they're there right beside you working overtime. All we need to do is look for them.