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This one's for my fellow curly-haired gals

This one's for my fellow curly-haired gals

You know who you are.

I will admit, this post was inspired by a fellow blogger’s curly haired admission. It was serendipitous because I read it on a RARE occasion that I wore my hair natural. It was too coincidental to ignore, so here I am talking about my messy hair.

I was born with curly cues and have hated it since I was a little girl. As soon as I was old enough to burn this situation straight, I did. I went through several evolutions of irons since the age of 14, hundreds of hair products, even prayers. Most didn’t work as Miami is a wasteland of humidity, so I ended up with a confused wavy helmet. I was a student of hair and I threw money at anything that held the promise of straight, glossy locks.

I did keratin, twice. Which was great for a time because it actually turned into a nice way to maintain soft, straight-ish waves. But that was, of course, unsustainable. You can’t keep doing a treatment that requires both you and the hairdresser to wear a mask… at least not responsibly.

And now, at age 27, I still mask my curls most days. The point of my post? I got misty-eyed seeing the campaign above. I’m sure you are no stranger to Dove’s Real Women campaign and all the awesome messages they’re sending women. And, well, watching little girls with adorable curly hair say they cry because they want to squeeze it straight broke my heart. While there are many serious issues in the world, I consider bringing up girls who like themselves among them.

Like most little girls, I was taught to hate my curls. I didn’t look like the models with gorgeous, pin-straight hair and there were definitely a few mean girls who made fun of it too. It’s taken me years to embrace a lot of my own natural attributes, hair being one of the last ones. I hope if you have curly hair this inspires you to go natural more often. This picture was doubly hard to share as I have zero hair product or makeup (14 year-old me would scold me so hard for posting this in public).

However, I felt compelled to do it anyway because if we don’t start making bold statements on embracing our natural beauty, how many more generations of adorable babes are going to grow up hating their looks?

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