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Ticety: #PinkyUp

The bar: it's an antiquated classic and it never gets old.  We walk into our desired establishment and it's long, narrow counter beckons our attention.  We wait patiently to be asked what beverage we'll choose today.  We always scan the selection of multi-sized glass bottles filled with liquid goodness.  Coffee has its baristas, beer has its bartenders and liquor its mixologists. . .  But tea has never joined the ranks, until now.

Ticety, the first organic iced tea bar to take roots in Miami, is a delightful quasi-invention.  Playing on the social and instinctual allure of the bar, this quaint organic tea lounge attracts patrons who appreciate the art and ritual of ordering a refreshing beverage, chatting up its creator and leisurely enjoying each sip.  The ambience is well suited for such an occasion, catering to the communal tea drinker and the more quiet sipper.

While tea and its diverse leafs and manner of mixing have long been established abroad, locally we are infants in the tea biz.  Miami is a coffee city with small countless Cuban coffee shops at every corner proceeded by the ever present Starbucks.  The mom and pop coffee and tea joint, however, have been long absent from this city until recently.

Ticety, while not exactly a mom and pop, offers the craftsmanship and charm of these homey establishments.  Founder Damien Ceulemans is native to France, and the influence can be felt throughout the establishment.  Subtle touches of Euro-style and clean design schemes make Ticety feel like a full-on lounge.  Even the fashionable manner in which they serve the tea in wine glasses really makes it a delightfully fanciful experience.  A great place to treat yourself and your body with elegant organic herbs.

The tea baristas can speak educatedly on the various organic tea offerings, which strands mix well and the precise manner of how each hot or iced tea is brewed.  Ticety offers a decent range of both hot and iced teas, and while we were a tad disappointed they did not carry chai, they are working to rectify that.  They only adhere to high standards of natural and organic ingredients and have yet to find a worthy chai distributer.  This makes us positively giddy to support this locally imported gem.

Ticety is a highly recommended stop for a glass of organic tea and some bar action without the hangover.  Pinky up!

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