Use your head to live with heart: Tea Wisdom

Random insight from the universe

The day ahead was a long one. I opened the fridge door in a dark, damp kitchen of an office. This is where my lunch will be until I come back in about 3 hours to get it. Crowded in a smelly ice box with about 20 other people's meals.

The hot water never works quite right, but tea is my comfort in this cement building. That's when I see the little tea bag, "Use your head to live with heart." Hmmm.

I don't usually navigate my days aware of my heart. The tissue of paradox inside my chest cavity plays little to no role in my conscious life. This muscle is keeping my alive but still I don't give it a thought, let alone a thank you. The fleshy symbol for kindness and compassion is the heart we are all more familiar with. It's the symbol we use to sign a card to our loved ones denoting we love each other. But it is in our minds that kindness and compassion are born.

Today's message: Remember that the mind and soul are intimately connected. Use your head to live with heart.