We came to Key West to Party & Dream ☮ ✌

Key West has some supernatural energetic pull. Most would attribute it to Duval Street, the island’s famed strip of bars and home to mass celebrations, like Fantasy Fest, where people come to be naked and party without judgement or restraint. Part of that was true in my formative years of traveling, and I frequented Key West several times for the good times to be had. However, there’s always been a mystic pull, a sort of travel phenomenon I experience in several particular spots throughout the island. There’s also the hilarious times, and Key West is undoubtedly a bedrock for throwing maturity out the window and being a college kid. We’ve had plenty of that too.

There is no easy way to share it without sounding mystical, or not making any sense at all. But there are several spots I’ve gravitated to where i’ve come to some profound insights. In general, while we’re admittedly under the influence in some form or the other, our conversations are guided to life, the philosophy by which we live and the extremely difficult realization to accept that everything is happening for us. Universal truths simply sprout in our conversations– sober or not– like fervent flowers in a garden.

There’s just something about the people, and not just because it is an island which lends itself to the “let it all go” vibe, but because there’s some unexplainable welcomeness. I can see, as an artist and human continuously trying to find the answers, why Hemingway built his home here. I get it.

I never run out of ways to write about it or share our experiences and stories, many of which can be about finding oneself, fantasies of the future or just being young and stupid.

Here are a few stories scattered throughout our last two trips.


Remember that time we saw a mustached cat… is one of my favorite story openers. After having shared a cold beer on the porch of our inn, something Key West is famous for, we left for the night and stumbled upon the mustached cat. It was dark and Duval’s surrounding neighborhood was quiet, save for a few scattered tourists and drunkards making their way around the island. We nearly missed it had it not been for my perceptive eyes. Our friends had been waiting for us, but this was a sign… there was no way we were leaving without getting a photo of the mustached cat.

Because anything is possible and dreams come true, we were able to pet the mustached cat and admire God’s humor up close. Whoever says the hand that guides us doesn’t have a sense of humor need only see this cat. You will be a believer.

We left the mustached cat not knowing if we’d ever see him again, and he disappeared into the night as we grappled with this tiny miracle. Late to the bar, our friends quickly forgave us when they heard what we’d seen. I’d like to believe the furry phenomenon still roams the streets bringing joy and laughter to all the drunk people who meet him.


Typical Key West house... it's always Christmas in this eclectic vacation destination!

We saw this twice, and sure, perhaps someone wealthy owns this gorgeous Key West house. Maybe they came for Christmas, celebrated and left this life-sized nutcracker behind by mistake. Or, just maybe, Key West is a magical island and it would be the place Christmas is regarded year round. Why not?


Have you heard of the powers of manifestation? They’re famous now, especially post The Secret. Regardless of what you call it, envisioning your future holds some seed of truth… and my house will look like this. I’m telling you all now, so when it happens we’re all on the same page.

I’m going to read on my porch and be the most peaceful adult hippie the world will come to know. Perhaps, I’ll have a mustached cat and year-round nutcracker. I’m still debating a decorating scheme, but we have time to firm that up.


Is it ridiculous that a beautiful sunset sail, with creamy colors of orange and pink will only make me pause for 1 minute… before I quote I’m On A Boat? T-Pain and Andy Samberg may have ruined my capacity to take any boat ride seriously for the rest of my life. I’ll always wish I was in flippy floppys asking Poseidon to see me now while I sail starboard bound.

And I’m completely at peace with that.


Themed partying on Duval Street, Key West, Florida
Themed partying on Duval Street, Key West, Florida

My fantasy of being in Key West and living in the 70’s came true. Kicker: absolutely no one asked us questions on our dress code. There were zero festivals happening at the time. 


Key West girl time! Haunted houses and bars are all over the island, this haunted bar was great!
Key West girl time! Haunted houses and bars are all over the island, this haunted bar was great!

You read right. The bar where we had travelled back in time was previously a brothel... and it’s haunted. We didn’t meet any of its preceding inhabitants, but we’d like to think they’re friendly spirits. Can’t you just picture this oakwood staircase in all its Key West early 1900’s glory? We sure could.


Key West interior decor inspiration! Creamy shades, rustic furniture and Indian inspired accesories!
Key West interior decor inspiration! Creamy shades, rustic furniture and Indian inspired accesories!

Because Key West can be less than kind to your liver, and we believe in healthy living, partying responsibly and things of that nature, we paid a visit to this little shop and basically did not want to leave. My girlfriend and I perused the decor... We promised one of us will have a home that looks like this. Understandably, we’ll stay there forever. Eventually, the gents made us move on, but my future Key West house will have a peaceful room that looks just so. It’s all part of the master plan.



We are nothing if not patriotic. Inside the less-than appealing walls of Coyote Ugly, we found solace in this one.


A little bit of dreams. Awesome before bed reading that will help you decode your dreams and listen to your subconscious!

Across the street from an old {and probably haunted} church, I purchased this book at Earth Bound. It takes a pragmatic approach to decoding your dreams as they are messages from your subconscious. It’s fascinating if you are curious about why you dream. Our mind is a crazy expansive playground we’ve just scratched the surface of understanding. We pick up all sorts of details (whether from our own lives or from the interconnected consciousness we all share) and dreams are the way our mind sends us messages. Because we retain information best through images, our brain actually tells us stories that we see as personal movies when we go to sleep.

We may or may not have purchased this book and then gone to Coyote Ugly for a jäger shot, but that’s not the point. It’s about finding balance. And we came to Key West to party and dream at equal measure...

Always be sure to play as hard as you take care of your mind, body and soul.  {Feel free to tweet that & tag us @TheEmeraldLife}


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