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#WholeFoods Pompano: Healthy Grocery 2.0

#WholeFoods Pompano: Healthy Grocery 2.0

Few things excite me more than food. Maybe Ryan Gosling, but mostly food does it for me.

Whole Foods is honestly one of my favorite grocery stores. Few people get it right when it comes to truly eating clean and not poisoning your body with toxins. This is why we love them and attended their blogger sneak peak for the new Pompano Beach location.


On our way to the renowned natural grocer, we made it early and had some time to kill... which meant oysters and beer. As we sipped our brewskies and raw oysters in anticipation of the event, we learned the locals are really excited for Whole Foods. In particular, local restaurants are excited to begin buying some delicious food from the healthy grocery as opposed to their previous choice: Walmart. We’re pretty happy about that one too.

The new Pompano location is the Oz of markets. Everything is thoroughly well made and built with TLC. They get points for presentation on my part, but I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

We browsed all their new sections and offerings, which included wonderfully sustainable and natural practices, like establishing their own produce grading system so you can judge for yourself the level of natural you want to buy. This is part of Whole Foods’ efforts to establish an industry standard, spanning past their grocery chain. Yes and yes. This rocked our socks.

A few of our favorite new perks at the Pompano location opening today:

La Rachetta Wine & Beer Bar

This newly-designed respite for your wine and pizza consuming pleasure sets an ambiance we didn’t expect at a grocery store. The 28-seat wine and beer bar serves Kombucha Beer on tap. Pause for reaction.

Local support

One of my favorite aspects of Whole Foods is that they #SupportLocal. Here are some local Florida goodies available:

The Whole Foods in Pompano will be kicking off its grand opening TODAY January 28th with surprise goodies for the first 500 customers in line. These lucky early birds will receive mystery gift cards valued at $5, $10, $20 or $50, with one special card valued at $500.

Stay tuned this upcoming month for our Whole Foods gift card giveaway! We are partnering with the healthy grocer to bring one of our lovely readers some cash to spend on living well.


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